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because i love stories so
when i love a fictional character they become
a tiny precious gem i keep in my heart
and when my heart beats fast i metaphorically go jingle jangle
with all the gems packed in there
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snakes are real cute
touch a snake.
touch a snake and wiggle the tip of your finger. touch the fucking snake on it's body.
wiggle your finger and it feels like the skin can detach.
touch a fucking snake
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Cousins and Gardeners
A/N: LOTR Past-fic. Gen. Exists to be cute and funny. I also may of sadded a bit because I can't help it. Set when Frodo was 22 years old. Eglantine is pronounced Egg-lan-teen.
Warning: Childbirth.
On one particularly fine day at Bag End, Bilbo Baggins was thinking quietly to himself in his front garden while puffing his pipe.
He did his best to ignore the Gaffer giving that boy of his instructions on proper watering technique or whatever nonsense Gamgees talk about.
Apparently the Gaffer was starting to get too old to tend Bag End so he had to bring his son along some days. Bilbo thought it was ridiculous.
What does age have to gardening? It can’t be that hard. But of course Bilbo wouldn’t know.
He was in mid-scowl when he noticed his young nephew, Frodo, walking up the path.
“Frodo, my lad! You don’t usually visit this late in the week. Especially on… nice sunny days where you be… oh, I don’t know… marvelling at nature?” He mus
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Favourite genre of music: I love all music except hardcore death metal
Favourite style of art: Black Pen Comic Style
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Jay Simpson
Personal Quote: Genius is just Insanity that got a lucky break.
If you are an Australian in 2017 it'll be time to vote and of course you'll have to go to a school to go that. If you live in Elizabeth and you're in a school in 2017 at some point a meteorite is going to come. I have two suggestions.

Run, just keep running and don't stop even when the explosion happens. Don't look behind you because the people behind you will bowl you over. Plus seeing that explosion will scar you for life, believe me.

Or, avoid this if you are in Elizabeth, just please don't go to a school in 2017. If you are a student I'm so sorry. I would've been sorry anyway but this time… I have no idea when it'll hit. But I'm sure the only reason I'd be in a school in 2017 at age 22 is be voting so that might narrow it down.

I'm sorry my dream didn't outside that area but I do have some information that will help on a larger scale: To everybody reading this no matter where you are in the world, in 2017 (or in fact any time but this is a biggie) if you see a dot in the sky that's getting bigger? Just start running. Run away.

Don't even try to think of giving up. Ever. If you think "There'll be no point in the running, the world is gonna end." Well I can tell you this, the world will not end in 2017 so you run as fast as you can because you can live.

There will be panic. There will be death. And some people will even get the edge of the explosion and not die, just get serious burn marks.

Those things are unavoidable. I don't know how many areas on Earth are gonna get hit but I know that the world will not end. We will not break apart or be consumed by flames. So if you see a meteor or asteroid or whatever they're called in the sky just run as fast and as far as you can. Doesn't matter where you go as long as it's away.

Because you can live. I know because… I will.

I have to save as many people as I can. I know I have four years but those years will go by very fast. But I'll never forget what I know.

So please, listen to me. When the rocks are falling, don't give up and stand still. Never stop running.


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